Floating switch suitable for potentially explosive atmospheres.

Rated current 10 (8) A / 250 V, equipped with high performance microswitch with self-cleaning contacts.

Level control for liquids, particularly suitable for use in purification tanks and/or systems as well as sewage channels and the waste water of these channels, septic tank discharges, industrial water, etc. provided they do not contain sedimentation and compact layers that could hinder its movement. The “SHUTTLE ATEX” floating switch is suitable for use in environments with a potentially explosive atmosphere consisting of a mixture of air with flammable substances in the form of gas, vapour or mist. The “SHUTTLE ATEX” floating switch is composed of a blow-moulded polypropylene monobloc outer body, a switch (21 (8) Amperes 250 Volts 50/60 Hertz) set centrally on its own sealed chamber with a water-tight polypropylene monobloc body sealed by injection overmolding using the same material. This chamber is inserted into a container, again a monobloc called the “outer body”, and then sealed inside the cavity with a closed cell, bicomponent foam in order to obtain the necessary triple protective chamber. The monobloc container is produced in antistatic material which is hydrocarbon resistant. The “SHUTTLE ATEX” floating switch can fall under Product Group and Product Category “II 1G” for equipment if using protection procedure “Ex ia”, making it suitable for use in “Zone 0”, “Zone 1” and “Zone 2” (in such case the floating switch will be supplied with a shielded power cord and will subsequently need to be connected to an intrinsically safe power supply). It also falls under Product Group and Product Category “II 3G” for equipment if using protection procedure “Ex nC”, making it suitable for use exclusively in “Zone 2” (in which case it is supplied with a standard power cord, removing the need to connect it to an intrinsically safe power supply). In either case, the “SHUTTLE ATEX” floating switch is classified with an “IP68” level of protection and can function in the presence of Subgroup “IIC” gasses and under conditions of Temperature Class “T6” (with Ambient Temperatures 0/+50°C). If necessary, the “SHUTTLE” float can be outfitted for use in oils and, in such case, supplied with a suitable power supply cord.




H05BQ-F 4G1

mmq ( Double function )


Operating temperature T 50 °C
Storage temperature T -20+80 °C
Operating voltage 230 V a.c.
Max switching voltage 250 V a.c.
Frequency 50-60 Hz
Upper switching angle 30° +/-5°
Lower switching angle 30° +/-5°
Current with resistive load 10 A
Current with inductive load 8 A
Microswitch capacity 21 A
Protection level IP 68
Insulation class II
Operating pressure 5 Bar
Dimensions mm 165x96x53
Weight g. 257
Cubage cm³ 420
Floating body in non-toxic material